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Julie Saad

Like most young people, my spiritual journey started as a search for purpose and meaning. I was born into a Catholic family and found myself struggling with traditional religion in my teens and young adult life. My mid-life crisis started when I was in my early thirties and my life was not only unmanageable but unbearable. I finally reached out for help and was led to Al-Anon, a twelve-step program for friends and family of alcoholics. I didn’t realize at the time that my mid-life crisis was also a spiritual crisis. The Al-Anon program helped me to do some much needed soul-searching, to find a connection to a spiritual life I could live and grow with, and to begin to heal. While a member of Al-Anon, for about eight years I had a daily meditation practice that was similar to the practices taught in the Buddhist tradition. In 1994 I discovered Contemplative Outreach, the teachings of Thomas Keating, and the Christian contemplative practice of Centering Prayer. I realized that I had found my path: contemplative prayer.

My twelve-step program taught me to give back what I have been given and when I began to experience the fruits of contemplative prayer, I was drawn to serve Contemplative Outreach. I am “commissioned” by Contemplative Outreach to teach Centering Prayer, Lectio Divina, and the Welcoming Prayer. I have participated on service teams, helped facilitate online courses, been the chapter coordinator in Denver, served on the Colorado board of trustees, and on the board of the international organization. I’m the coordinator of the Contemplative Living Experience program in Denver and am passionate about helping people discover their path into contemplative life.